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Our Clients Are Such a Blessing

I am a current employee of Caring Senior Service of Chattanooga, and I absolutely love my job position. Our clients are such a blessing, and the staff try so hard to make sure all their needs are met not just properly but as requested by the client. The management team is the most supportive team I have ever worked for. Thank you guys.

-Whitney W.

You Have Outstanding Caregivers

Dear Ivan & Amy,

It has been a month since my father passed away. The losing of a loved one is a heart-wrenching experience. However, your excellent service and care for him and my mother made it almost tolerable. You have outstanding caregivers.

You obviously screen them very strictly. We felt that you matched personalities of the caregiver to my parents perfectly. Also, we love the fact that you drove to my parents house… which is not close to anyone… and personally introduced each caregiver the first time they visited us. This was a wonderful and comforting benefit of choosing your firm.

Your team was efficient, kind, and caring—everything you would look for when trusting a loved one into the care of another person.

Thank you again!

-Daughter of Jack

Thank You For All of Your Help and Guidance

Dear Amy and Ivan, 

I wanted to express my gratitude for all of your help and guidance when my 96-year-old father recently became unable to stand or move about his apartment.

After a few weeks of trying to care for dad, I realized that I would not be able to last much longer alone. Neither he nor I were getting enough sleep as each trip to the bathroom took several hours to complete. 

Your firm was mentioned by the facility where dad was staying, and, after meeting with you, I decided to give you a try. You jumped right in and started that afternoon. You had excellent caregivers immediately in his apartment 24 hours a day. I soon realized that I had been extraordinarily lucky to connect with you. You gave me carefully thought-out advice and suggestions —both short and long term—the help I needed with dad, and concern for my personal health. Looking back I know you've helped me through a very difficult time and that it would have been far more difficult had you not been there. I feel like I have gained close friends in a difficult time. 


We Would Recommend and Use Caring Senior Service Again


Thank you for your insightful and knowledgeable conversation we had Monday the 25th. It concerned the time spent by yourself and your staff with my sister. The verbal feedback was valuable and, in particular, your thoughts and observations made coming from your psychological education and background.

I feel having your input may help the professionals we are appealing to give us a resolve for a permanent residence for her. We would recommend and use Caring Senior Service again should that be necessary, and I thank you in advance. Regards

-Dick M.

I Appreciate Their Thoroughness

After having the privilege of working with Ivan and Amy during a challenging time of caring for my dad, I would strongly recommend their sitting service, Caring Senior Service, to anyone who is caring for a loved one. 

First of all, I appreciated their thoroughness. Ivan called to gather relevant information that would help the sitters meed Dad's needs before he took the first sitter to meet Dad. 

Amy, who is a nurse, interviewed and assessed Dad's condition. Ivan consulted with me whenever a problem occurred. Dad was probably one of their more challenging clients because of his strong personality, "I can do it myself" attitude, and his paralyzing fear of falling. However, Ivan, Amy, and their sitters understood him and showed him kindness and respect. 

When Dad's condition worsened, Ivan worked closely with my brother, who had come to stay with Dad. Not only did he work lovingly with Dad, but he encouraged by brother to take breaks and to get the rest he needed. Ivan also became our friend. For instance, he took time to just talk and listen to my brother, which was a blessing to him. 

Thank you for all you have done to help our family when we were overwhelmed with the responsibility of choosing the best path to take that would both honor Dad's wishes and make him comfortable in his final days. 


The Caregivers We Worked With Were Caring and Reliable

Dear Amy,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding care received from you and your organization during the period of time that my husband was home on hospice care, prior to his passing. 

The personal interest that both you and Ivan showed our family was beyond our expectations. The caregivers that we worked with were caring and reliable, and we were completely at ease having them in our home. We also appreciated the way you and your staff maintained close communication with the hospice staff, which greatly relieved lot of stress from our family members who needed to stay focused on taking care of our loved one. We would highly recommend your company's services to others.

-Doris & Family

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